About me

Hey there, busy mama!  Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site.

I’m Jenny, a fellow busy mom with a beautiful little toddler… so I understand the struggle! 😉

Like most moms, I struggled (and still do sometimes!) with the feeling that there are just not enough hours in the day to do all of the things that NEED to be done.

Unlike a lot of moms, I’m actually honest about it.

Being a new mom is tough.  Like climbing Mount Everest in your underwear while juggling bubbles kind of tough.

But it can also be hilarious! 

If you can’t laugh about your kid sneezing oatmeal right into your face, then the days are gonna be long my friend.

My biggest pet peeve is people who treat parenting like it’s a competitive sport.

There is a special place in hell for these people.

This blog is not about regurgitating all the obnoxiously perfect parenting advice you read in some granola parenting book.

Any preachy, condescending moms bragging about their “perfect children” will be gently asked to go drink ex-lax and not return.

I started this blog because I wanted to give other moms a place to go for some honest, real advice about time management, cleaning, organization, and all those other fun mom-related topics we spend our nights researching on Google and Pinterest.

More importantly, I wanted to give moms a place to laugh, be honest, and feel better knowing that there are other moms out there going through the same things as you.

You’re not the only one wondering why your child stopped sleeping through the night at two and a half years old or why the same techniques you used on your first kid aren’t working on your second.

Every kid is just different…like a little snot-infested snowflake.

A little bit about my history

Prior to having my daughter, I worked full-time as a Registered Nurse in a local community hospital.  At the time, I thought it was one of the most challenging, fulfilling things I had ever done with my life.

Then my daughter was born.

Everything shifted and I just couldn’t bring myself to go back to my full-time position.

Luckily, I had the opportunity to take a part-time night position on the weekends so that I could be home with my little one during the week.


It was all coming together!  Or so I thought.

Initially, just caring for the baby was so overwhelming.

I found myself constantly second-guessing every decision and quickly becoming addicted to Google search.

One day I realized that I really just needed to “get it together”…and a blog was born.

The challenge that I was trying to overcome was not getting one area of my life together.  Instead, it was getting all of them working simultaneously to produce some kind of beautiful, homeostatic eutopia.

Hey, a new mom can dream, right?

It didn’t take long before I burned out and realized that I needed to stop making “perfection” the goal.

Perfection, at least as a mom, does not exist.

Please don’t try telling me that every mom is perfect in the eyes of her child.  If that was true then therapy wouldn’t be nearly as lucrative of a profession.

Once I discarded the ridiculous notion of perfection, I wondered what’s left?

Gratitude, progress, and happiness.

And that, my friends, is what this blog is all about.  Seeing the silver lining around that circle of urine on your child’s bedsheets, and then reading a blog post on how to get said urine out of your child’s bedsheets. 😉

Interesting facts about me….

  • I am the second oldest of five children
  • I love Game of Thrones…and yes, I have read ALL of the books!
  • I’m a big nerd when it comes to history (You would think the owner of my Netflix account was 80 years old)
  • I can flip bottles like Tom Cruise in Cocktail…but I don’t jump on couches. 😉

Now, let’s get back to you…  

Do you have a particular problem that you need help with? 

My goal is to make your life easier so you can spend less time getting it together and more time enjoying being a mom.

Email me @ getittogethermom1@gmail.com.

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